Meyer Samuels
Drawings and Sculptures

drawing by Meyer Samuels drawing by Meyer Samuels

Meyer Samuels was born in Brooklyn, New York, as Meyer Samuelowitz on October 26th, 1910. He spent his entire life in Brooklyn, where he worked as a house painter until age 54. After retiring, he devoted himself entirely to his art on a full-time basis. When Meyer Samuels passed away at age 86, he left behind a large quantity of art pieces in panel drawings as well as small sculptures.

drawing by Meyer Samuels


Meyer Samuels' drawings are executed with graphite pencil and black ink, and, at times, are colored by pastels. They are done on various, intimate-size drawing boards. Meyer signed his work on verso, and rarely titled them. His grandson Matt (engineering major at UPENN and budding neuro network researcher) explained to me that various lottery numbers and TV show titles are just that - a glimpse of his notes. Meyer would often gain the inspirations for his artwork from things he had heard, or seen during the day. He would begin with the reverse side of his canvas, and begin, letting his talents flow onto the canvas.
Jazzy compositions, made up of many figures, have fractal qualities. Upon closer examination, the texture between figures reveals still more figures, smaller in size, busy rhythmically arranging their relationships. At this time we are presenting 4 of his panels for your enjoyment.


In his sculptures, Meyer isolated individual, highly abstracted womanlike figures on pedestals. Each piece is individually carved using some traditional carving tools, as well as some power tools. Pieces were carved from fine wood or Plexiglas, and all of the finely sanded and burnished sculptures were executed from one piece (including the pedestal). Meyer also sculpted birds, whales, cats, as well as owls. Meyer did concentrate on the abstract female form.
Meyer taught his love and technique of sculpture to his son, Allen Samuelowitz, who continues in his footsteps, drawing an inspiration as well from Brancusi and compositions / subject from Modiglliani.

drawing by Meyer Samuels

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